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the first company of china eighth engineering bureau ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”), which was founded in 1949 with the original name “the first construction company of china construction eighth engineering division corp. ltd., ranks the 24th in the global top 500 enterprises and is the tertiary independent legal entity under china state construction engineering corporation ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “cscec”), the world’s largest investment construction group. with its headquarters in jinan, shandong, it has 15 secondary entities including jinan branch, qingdao branch, central china branch, central plains branch, east china branch, north china branch, south china branch, xiamen branch, overseas branch, installation branch, decoration branch, infrastructure branch and green construction development branch, wuxi design institute, and investment and construction company of china construction eighth engineering division corp. ltd., 1 joint-stock company, i.e. shandong zhongcheng machinery leasing co., ltd., and high-tech plant division. with the registered capital of 1 billion yuan, as the “national high-tech enterprise” approved by ministry of science and technology, the company has 13 professional contracting qualifications, including special grade qualification for general contracting for construction of building construction engineering, special grade qualification for general contracting for construction of municipal public engineering, class a qualification for the design of construction industry (construction engineering and civil air defense projects), class a qualification for municipal industry design, grade 1 qualification for general contracting for construction of electromechanical engineering and grade 1 qualification for professional contracting for fire facilities engineering, etc.

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with its strong operating strength and adhering to the corporate spirit of “integrity, innovation, transcendence, and win-win”, the company has established a good reputation in the society and industry with its outstanding project management capabilities and its commitment of “quality assurance and value creation”. while constantly improving the management capabilities, the company also maintains a rapid and sound development trend. since 2009, the company has ranked the top 10 numbering companies in cscec system for nine consecutive years. in recent 6 years, the company has ranked the top 5 numbering companies in cscec system continuously. from 2015 to 2017, the company has ranked the top 3 numbering companies in cscec system for 3 consecutive years. in addition, the company has been rated as “one of the china’s top 100 competitive construction enterprises” by china construction industry association for many consecutive years, of which the company ranked the 49th in 2016.

the company has committed itself to research and innovation of construction technology and green construction management for a long time. with the national enterprise technical center (branch center), jinan city construction industry base and cscec bayi design and research institute (with three institutes, two offices and one center), and establishing the strategic cooperation relation with national major universities such as tongji university, shandong university and southeast university, and scientific research institutions, the company has the leading core technologies in the fields of fabricated structure construction, large underground space, road and bridge, tunnel and culvert, etc. compared with the traditional mode, the “bida” electromechanical integration construction technology independently researched and developed by the company can shorten the construction period by 3 months. the company implements the national first “steel structure” “fabricated type” “passive house” super energy-saving green construction in shandong jianzhu university project. aiming at the industrialization of construction, the company has invested in and built the china construction green industry park (jinan), which has “four plants and one center”, namely, building industrialization plant, bim electromechanical integration plant, decorative parts prefabrication plant, green and new-type formwork plant, and green construction technology incubation center. so far, the company has obtained 9 national-level construction methods and 548 national-level patents, among which 57 technologies have been identified as leading international or domestic technologies. in addition, the company has been rated as the “best bim enterprise” by the china construction industry association and “advanced enterprise in scientific and technological innovation” by china association of construction enterprise management.

the company has received many national honors, including “national civilized unit”, national level “enterprise accredited for fulfilling contract and valuing credit”, “national excellent construction enterprise”, “national model worker family”, “national youth civilization enterprise”, “national advanced construction enterprise both in quality and benefit”, “nationwide architecture industry aaa credit rating enterprise”, “nationwide architecture industry advanced enterprise”, national “may 1st labor medal”, “national worker pioneer”, “national worker sports demonstration unit”, and “advanced unit in nationwide fitness” etc.; has been rated as the provincial level “enterprise accredited for fulfilling contract and valuing credit” and “shandong provincial civilized unit” for many consecutive years, as well as “shandong provincial youth civilization demonstration group” and “shandong provincial advanced group in construction system earthquake relief work” and received the “shandong provincial labor medal for enriching people and prospering the province”. the company has won 19 “the luban prizes”, 30 national high-quality engineering prizes, 3 “tien-yow jeme civil engineering prizes”, 2 “china construction engineering decoration prizes, 5 jin’gang awards, 8 leed certification gold awards, 4 “china installation start awards”, 201 national construction engineering excellent project management achievement awards, 47 nationwide architecture industry green construction demonstration project awards, and 5 national outstanding construction project management prizes. since 1995, the company has won more than 300 ministerial and provincial-level high-quality project awards including beijing “great wall cup” award for structures, shanghai “white magnolia cup”, shandong “mount tai cup”, henan “zhongzhou cup”, anhui “mount huangshan cup” and tibet “saussurea involucrata cup” and has been awarded “excellent enterprise in creating luban award engineering”, and “luban prize special honor enterprise” by china construction industry association.