libreville stadium project held opening ceremony-k8凯发天生赢家一触即发


libreville stadium project held opening ceremony

visits : release time :2018-06-28

following the completion acceptance and handover ceremony on january 15, 2018, a grand opening ceremony of game infield of libreville stadium was held on january 16, 2018. ali bongo, president of the gabonese republic; vice president pierre-claver maganga moussavou; prime minister emmanuel issoze ngondet along with all members of the parliament; mathias otounga ossibadjouo, minister for sports; rose christiane ossouka raponda, mayor of libreville and other more than 30 senior government officials came to send congratulation. shi honggang, general manager of cscec sino-west africa company; wang deliang, libreville stadium project manager of gabon branch and all the members of management department witnessed this exciting moment together.

this grand ceremony drew enthusiastic responses from the local public. the performing guests illuminated the red carpet and stage with their great charm and attracted the light of countless flashes when they came on stage. first of all, the minister for sports gave his sincere praise to cscec in his congratulatory speech, and expressed his respect and gratitude to all the management personnel of cscec for their perfect contract performance in face of such a tight schedule. then, shi honggang made a speech of congratulation on behalf of the general contractor, extending the gratitude to the government and people of gabon for their support for the stadium and hoping to continue to cooperate with the gabonese republic and work with the government and people of gabon so as to create a beautiful future of the gabonese republic. after the blessing ceremony, wonderful performances were given in the stadium, and the president interacted with the performing team with joy.

as the old saying goes “april showers bring may flowers”, this unprecedented opening ceremony shows that the gabon government highly recognizes the architectural brands of china. the successful completion and smooth opening of libreville stadium further enhance our company’s confidence in and determination to expand sino-west african market. all management personnel of project department will continue to brave winds and waves and forge ahead to create more wonderful overseas strategic blueprint. (contributor: wang wei; reviewer: yin hongna)

mathias otoungaossibadjouo, minister for sports, is giving a speech

shi honggang, general manager of cscec sino-west africa company, is making a speech

blessing ceremony

martial arts performance

taekwondo performance

basketball performance

handball performance

gabon’s president is interacting with players.