indonesia’s vice president jusuf kalla visited indonesia no. 1 twin towers project-k8凯发天生赢家一触即发


indonesia’s vice president jusuf kalla visited indonesia no. 1 twin towers project

visits : release time :2018-06-28

on august 5, indonesia’s incumbent vice president jusuf kalla led a delegation to inspect the indonesia no. 1 twin towers project located in the central business district of jakarta. the project was jointly constructed by the china construction eighth engineering division. corp. ltd. and acset, a local company. at 9:03 a.m. local time, the team visited the project, and all the chinese and indonesian management, including owner representative michael lie, assistant project director lalam, chief project supervision engineer suryani, chief engineer xu yunfeng and business manager yang tao, lined up and gave jusuf kalla and his delegation a warm welcome.

jusuf kalla first went to the project office area and inspected the office environment carefully. later, he went to the workers’ living quarters and investigated the construction conditions of the project workers’ camps, asking about all the conditions from food and lodging to security in details.

during the investigation, jusuf kalla learned in detail about the construction condition of the standard prefab house. when he heard that the prefab houses in the project office area were assembled within 2 weeks, he highly appreciated the fast speed of chinese construction and quick and easy construction of prefab house. the standard prefab house adopted in the project was full-featured and beautiful in appearance. it also has good thermal insulation and fireproof performances. he hoped that this kind of standard prefab house could be promoted in indonesia at large scale, to achieve universal standardization of temporary buildings, establish environmental protection, energy-saving, fast and efficient building concepts, so as to accelerate temporary housing construction in indonesia to enter into a new stage features serialized development, integrated production and matching supply. during the inspection, michael lie also introduced him the current construction condition of the project and he expressed great interest in the reverse construction method adopted for basement construction. the indonesia no. 1 twin towers project has 7 floors of basement and the foundation pit depth is 26.77m. the basement is close to the japanese embassy and plaza indonesia, a super high-rise building, which make the surrounding environment complex. the project personnel adopted the reverse construction method in consideration of various factors, which greatly improved the safety of underground work construction. this is also the first large-scale deep foundation pit reverse construction project within the volcanic ash deposit area in indonesia, which is of great practical significance.

it is reported that this inspection activity was the second time that indonesian national leader expressed deep concern about a project, following the indonesian president joko widodo’s inspection on a project in may 2015, which fully demonstrating the indonesian government’s high attention on construction condition of the project. the normalized and standardized chinese construction will surely cause greater technological changes in the indonesian construction market. (li guang, wang jingwen)

the owner representative michael lie shakes hands with jusuf kalla

jusuf kalla inspects project office area

jusuf kalla inspects workers’ living quarters

jusuf kalla inspects workers’ living quarters