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south china branch won 15 guangdong provincial 2017 provincial-level construction methods

visits : release time :2018-01-25

on january 24, south china branch received 15 provincial-level construction method certificates issued by the department of housing and urban-rural development of guangdong province, marking the successful conclusion of the science and technology award of south china branch in 2017.

after 12 months for planning, training, implementation, summary, novelty search, internal review, scientific and technological authentication, results declaration, expert review, publicity, release and certificate issue etc., 20 applications were selected from more than 40 construction methods and finally 15 construction methods were rated as the provincial-level construction methods in guandong province. these 15 provincial-level construction methods included: international racetrack highly efficient digitized flat construction method, international racecourse high slope protection engineering construction method, high stone slope reinforcement construction method, concrete pool long-term rapid painting construction method, double curved ring bare concrete drainage channel construction method in the national race course aspect; no overhead waffle tube floor slab construction method, large area floor laser leveling construction method, movable steel frame wood formwork construction method, prefabricated ceramic concrete hollow slab stereotyped foetal membrane construction method, polyphenyl granule cement lightweight composite wallboard construction method in high-tech factory building aspect; and curtain wall semi-hidden frame glass sub-frame on-site glue injection construction method, dome-shaped daylighting roof operation soft platform construction method, high-rise residential building combined type aluminum alloy formwork construction method, full cast-in-place one-piece concrete exterior wall construction method, and column formwork screw-free reinforcement construction method in other aspects.

the 15 construction methods have advanced nature and good applicability, ensure project quality and safety, improve construction efficiency, reduce engineering costs, have obvious economic and social benefits, and have good promotion value. through the research and development of construction methods, the company’s management and technical experience can be systematically organized and summarized, which will help to improve the company’s technical quality and construction management capabilities, and make the scientific and technological achievements transformed into actual productivity.

by report, in 2017, south china branch, through comprehensive management and control, the entire-process guidance and the entire-project creation, received 100 patents, 60 papers, 20 qc achievements, 20 scientific and technical appraisals, 7 science and technology progress awards, and 4 provincial-level new technologies application demonstration projects. the management of science and technology continued to increase; the effect of technological innovation was increasingly prominent; the innovative development and sustainable development of the company were promoted and the good brand image was established. (yuan chengtai)