binzhou-laiwu expressway west zibo to laiwu reconstruction and extension construction section 1 division 3

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with the beginning and ending mileage of k56 920~k102 570, the length of 45.623 kilometers, binzhou-laiwu expressway west zibo to laiwu section reconstruction and extension construction section 1 is a two-way eight-lane project. the third division, located in the boshan district, zibo city, shandong province, with the beginning and ending mileage of k95 825~k102 570 and total length of 6.745 kilometers, include 1 large bridge, 5 medium bridges, 1 interchange and one parking area. the mileage of k95 825~k98 564.64 is the section of reconstructing and broadening the original road, and that of k98 564.64~k102 570 is the newly-constructed road. the main construction contents include roadbeds, road surfaces, bridges, culverts, passages, overpasses, interchanges, parking areas, protection and drainage works, traffic safety facilities engineering, environmental protection engineering, and greening engineering, etc.

according to the overall needs of the project, the only one comprehensive station integrating laboratory, concrete mixing station, rebar processing plant, prefabricated beam yard, prefabricated cover plate field, and prefabricated small components field in the whole section is constructed, which improves the construction efficiency. at the same time, the project formulates elaborate management procedures to ensure effective cooperation of each construction area, reduce intermediate management links, and facilitate the overall management of the project department. regardless of from the economic benefits of the project, or from the standardization of construction and the refinement of management, the planning layout and efficient operation of the comprehensive station are of great significance to the entire project. since the completion of construction of this comprehensive station, it has won the third prize of the national construction engineering project management achievement in 2016, and has repeatedly welcomed the learning from all walks of life both inside and outside the province. this project is the main point of observation of binzhou-laiwu expressway project.

two automatic washing and mixing stations, the fully enclosed silo canopy, and the dust-dropping spray facilities are installed in the station to ensure the quality of the concrete raw materials and the supply of on-site concrete materials, which is well received by the owners and local governments.

the prefabricated beam field has the automatic spray and health care facilities, which greatly improve the quality of health care and save labor. for the prefabricated small box girders, the steel bar binding is carried out using the combined type rack, which greatly improves the quality of steel bar binding, and two patents are applied for.

during the construction of the comprehensive station, in accordance with the existing topography, the concept of barrier-free drainage is adopted, and multiple three-level sedimentation tanks are set up to ensure the circulation use of prefabricated beam health care water, small prefabricated block health care water, and water of the automatic washing machine of the mixing station, which saves the construction resources while guaranteeing the on-site construction quality.

the button-type scaffolding is adopted for the construction of on-site pier studs, which solves the problems of difficult quality control and low construction efficiency for erection of scaffolding. the owner organizes all construction units of the binzhou-laiwu expressway to have a visit and learning and the corporate image is established.

figure 1 “six in one” comprehensive station

figure 2 automatic washing and mixing station

figure 3 automatic spraying health care of the prefabricated beam slab

figure 4 steel bar binding rack

figure 5 water resources circulation use

figure 6 application of button-type scaffolding