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phase i of qingdao goertek scientific and technological industry project

visits : release time :2017-12-28

this project is located in the east of binhai road and north of the extension line of tianshui road in laoshan district, qingdao. the building area is 164,000 square meters; the total construction period is 701 calendar days, and the construction cost is 451 million yuan. in terms of the quality, the project aims to win the mount tai cup and luban prize. the total area of fair-faced concrete in this project is 140,000 square meters, ranking the first in the country in terms of the single bare concrete volume. this project has a great influence in the society and the industry. this project is a public construction project. the mechanical and electrical specialties cover electrical engineering, water supply and drainage, ventilation, air-conditioning, and intelligentization etc. there are too many reserved bare concrete structure surfaces involved in this project.

at the preparation stage before construction, the bim comprehensive arrangement technology is used to conduct comprehensive arrangement of the electromechanical pipelines relevant to the bare concrete structure. under the premise of meeting construction specifications, system functions and decorative elevations, information such as tail-end point position, casing and ventilation holes, etc. is placed on the bare concrete structure arrangement drawing. after completion of information placement, bim arrangement technology is used to solve the incoordination between the electromechanical point position and the bare concrete arrangement effect. there are about 4700 electromechanical bare concrete point positions in this project. according to the previous construction experiences, if the construction is carried out by the traditional construction method, about 10% of such problems as non-compliance wire box elevation, wire box invagination and slurry into the casing, etc. can occur. this kind of problems needs to be solved, with the solving efficiency of 4 positions per work day. thus, if the above-mentioned construction method is used for construction, the later-period cost can be reduced effectively and the project quality can be improved. in this project, a total of 550 reserved casings for standing pipes are located in the bare concrete area. the one-time pre-embedding is used, which reduces the follow-up formwork hanging and hole blockage operations. there are about 45,000 support and hanging points on the site. after on-site estimation, compared with the expansion bolt installation in the later period, the efficiency of embedded parts construction in the main phase increases by about 30%, and about 55 labors are saved. the use of embedded parts also avoids the problem that the expansion bolts are applied to the steel bars during later construction, and reduces the number of civil engineering board repair labors by 30. implementation of this construction method on the site can ensure accurate location of electromechanical reservation point and one-time moulding, to avoid the late restoration of various types of work. it ensures the decorative effect of the fair-faced concrete facing, and is unanimously approved by the owners and all sectors of the society. it lays a solid foundation for the project to win the mount tai cup and luban prize in the next step. at the same time, this construction method is also applicable to electromechanically reserved pre-buried areas in non-bare concrete areas. if this construction method can be generalized, the electromechanical reserved pre-buried quality can be greatly improved.

project effect diagram

project effect diagram

implementation effect diagram